Love Notes

We hired Randi to help plan our Vermont wedding early in the planning process, and it was absolutely the best planning decision we made. Randi worked tirelessly to help us shape our wedding vision and then made that vision a reality in a way that vastly exceeded our expectations and made our guests feel welcomed and taken care of. Randi’s network of VT wedding vendors is vast, and she expertly guided us to the vendors that fit our personality and budget. There was no need for us to spend time interviewing endless vendors because Randi did that work for us. Randi is also very respectful of your budget, and will help you create a wedding that falls within your financial boundaries. Randi is extremely kind. Throughout the wedding planning process she checks in with you to make sure you’re doing well, and troubleshoots any areas of anxiety. I was not a bride who had the time or desire to get lost in the weeds with wedding planning, however I wanted my event to feel and look incredible. Because of Randi’s work behind the scenes I avoided endless meetings over silverware choice, room arrangement, etc., and my wedding was the best day I’ve ever had. Hire Randi, you will be amazed!
— Lizzy, Bride, UVM Alumni House, Burlington

We love Randi. She is superb.

The bride and groom’s families shared the planning and expense for a wedding weekend with a large number of guests. It began Thursday night and ended with Sunday brunch. We also shared Randi. The wedding would not have happened without her. She was the center for all of us. She knows all the vendors but advocates for her client, giving good advice on what charges are reasonable and when to push back. As a former florist, she knows what you should expect from vendors and holds them to it

She understands when decisions need to be made to keep things moving and she is conscientious about keeping you on track without being pushy. She agonizes over every detail, but spares the client from that agony and instead presents clear alternatives with pros and cons, a recommendation and a rationale. The client doesn’t have to do the leg work, just make a decision.

She is tireless. Knowing that she was taking a rare weekend vacation with her family early in the summer, we emailed her but said we could wait until Monday for a reply. She responded almost immediately saying “I didn’t want you to worry”. At every event she was the first one there and the last to leave. The Saturday “after party” went until 200 am and Randi was still at the 830 brunch.

She is unflappable. A photo display of ancestor weddings inadvertently omitted one couple. A call to Randi shortly before the ceremony and the pictures were swapped before cocktails. One of the mothers had planned to change shoes for dancing but left them in her room. Randi’s team retrieved them before the first dance.

She is smart, knowledgeable, thorough, tireless, attentive to detail and — throughout it all — unfailingly pleasant and calm. The bride and groom, both sets of parents and the members of the wedding party were all unanimous — we LOVED working with Randi and are deeply grateful to her for a perfect wedding weekend.
— Richard, Father of Groom, Trapp Family Lodge & Stowehof

Randi is a gem amongst the Green Mountains of Vermont! In the infancy of my wedding planning process, I thought to myself “I don’t need a wedding planner. I am very organized and can do this myself and save some money.” Boy was I wrong. My first advice to a newly engaged couple is not just “you will need a wedding planner”, but “you will need Randi!” She is a mother, a friend, a life coach, a cheerleader, a calendar, an organizer (even for the Type A personalities), and so much more. She is honest and will help you with EVERYTHING! Her support, checklists, texts, emails, calls, timelines before the wedding were wonderful....especially planning a wedding cross country! I think what was most telling was, I truly miss Randi now that our wedding has passed and am already brewing up a reunion with this very special team:) I highly recommend Randi and her team to help any and all of your planning and day of needs!
— Katelyn, Bride, Barnard Inn

We realized quickly into our planning process that we could use some support. We were planning from across the country a wedding in Vermont at my parent’s house, up on a hill, with no electricity, running water, or easily accessible transportation for guests. We’re so happy we found Randi! As a day of/month of planner, she went above and beyond in the months before the wedding, getting on calls with us, answering the tons of questions I sent her by e-mail, coming up with checklists, and timelines and so much more. Her help coordinating vendors in the weeks before the wedding was key. Randi is professional, organized, encouraging, and such a huge support to couples going through this process. We couldn’t have done it without her! She seamlessly dealt with any issues, before, on the day of and following the wedding to help us navigate challenges with a vendor. Now that the wedding is over, I miss working with Randi! Very highly recommend her and her team.
— Kelsey, Bride, Private Property South Woodstock, VT

I wanted to let you know how many compliments we have received on how absolutely stunning the room looked at the Woodstock Inn! I think there was a collective gasp from the guests when the doors were opened and everyone had their first look in. Dom and I snuck in prior to have a private moment and soak it all in together – our first glance at the room is a picture I will carry around in my mind for a very, very longtime. Randi, I cannot thank you enough because it was exactly what I had in mind and yet so far exceeded my expectations! It truly was amazing and so very special. Everything was perfect and all done with such care and elegance. I appreciate everything that you and your team did for us.
— Natalie

I can not begin to say enough positive words about Randi Nonni and Silver Toad! Randi is definitely a very, very talented artist! She listened to what I was invisioning & looking for. She gave fantastic suggestions on how to better personalize these ideas and stayed within budget. She made my wedding look AMAZING! Our family & friends are still talking about how fantastic the flowers & reception decor looked!
Randi came highly regarded by several wedding vendors and other brides... and I can say with absolute honesty, this praise was extremely well deserved! Randi has a fantastic “can do” attitude! She is very professional, has an awesome way of personalizing her creations towards her brides’ with a kind, gentle & fun personality! Thanks to Randi and the Silver Toad crew for making our wedding day SO beautiful!
— Teresa, Bride, Mountain Top Resort

From our first phone conversation I knew you would make my wedding amazing and alive. I was not disappointed! The vividness and color of my wedding day took my breath away (and many others as well). I think of the best things I heard was how much my wedding reflected my personality. You are nothing short of a miracle worker since you were able to take some offhand notions and thoughts and translate them into the stunning and “homey not hick” venue. I look at my photos and am still stunned at so many of the little details that I missed on the day but that made my wedding so special and unique. You gave me the gift of expression. Thank you for every amazing detail and for being so nice. I will never forget it!
— Jenn

I want to thank you, thank you, thank you for everything you did for us for our wedding. My bouquet was absolutely perfect and the centerpieces were beautiful. Everyone commented on the decore, they loved it. I was so happy with everything and the head table was really special – thank you! Randi, you were so wonderful to work with and I can’t thank you enough for all you did to make my dream wedding come true!
— Bobby & Tiffany

We cannot thank you enough for the wonderful job you did with our wedding flowers. We loved them all. You were absolutely my favorite person to work with through this entire process. Your expertise is amazing and I truly appreciate all your ideas, thoughts and concerns when listening to my ideas. You turned my floral visions into reality and far exceeded my expectations. I really can’t say enough good things about you. Besides that, I think you are truly an amazing woman and feel blessed to have crossed paths with you!
— Brooke & Brian

Thank you so much for all your beautiful work – our wedding day flowers were gorgeous, and so unique! The bridal bouquet, bridesmaid bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages were all works of art. And the colors really matched and complimented the swatches I had sent you of the wedding colors. You were also wonderful to work with, it was a real gift to a stressed out bride to know that you were always on top of things! Many thanks!
— Johanna & Renee

I just wanted to write to thank you for the absolutely exquisite work you did for our wedding. My eyes literally bugged out when I saw the bridal bouquet. And I could not take my eyes off the table centerpiece the whole night. The flowers far, far exceeded my already high expectations! The colors were unbelievable -the pinks and violets at dinner, the whites and greens in the bouquet (and the green ribbon)… After about 10 (!) glasses of champagne, I insisted on carrying the huge centerpiece back to our room, and will dry the bouquet. My memories of my wedding will ALWAYS include the beautiful flowers.
— Suzanne

Thank you, thank you for the spectacular job you all did at Carrie and Adam’s wedding last weekend. The flowers, the lanterns, the arbor, the tent poles, the rock garden… all of it was perfect. You understood Carrie’s concept and your vision created just the perfect look and feel we were after. It was truly whimsical, organic and magical. We chose the best person to put our confidence in and trust with creating the picture perfect wedding.
— With profound thanks, Beth (Mother of the Bride)

Thank you for doing such an amazing job with our flowers! I cannot believe that we ended up with all of that after we came to you with virtually no ideas the first time we met. Your ability to extrapolate, from such meager grains of thought about what a person wants, such beautiful arrangements, is truly a unique gift. Everyone was very impressed by your handiwork, and we will be sure to send you lots of pictures for your portfolio. Steph’s bouquet was absolutely breathtaking (though, not more so than she of course), and the hanging hydrangea on the pews were just the perfect touch. Your passion for your craft radiated out of every piece. I am sure that our paths will cross again, at the very least within 3 degrees of separation, as we will undoubtedly be recommending your services to anyone in the Northeast in need of a calla! We wish you all the best.
— With Warmth and Gratitude, Jeff and Steph