Tuesday Tips | Volume 10 | Your Vermont Wedding Planner

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day!  It's like the holy grail of holidays in my world... well, other than Christmas because we all know how important that is to me but I digress.  I hope your Valentine's is full of love no matter where you are or who you spend it with.  I was thinking about that last sentence over the weekend... 'who you spend it with' and it brought me to our very simple but important tip for this week.

Take It All In 

                                                                                                             Image by  Birke Weddings

                                                                                                             Image by Birke Weddings

One of the best pieces of advice I can give you for your wedding day is something that seems so small.  Take a moment with your spouse during the reception, once everyone is seated, to look around and really take in everyone in the room.  Feel the love.  These are your people.  This may be the only time you ever have every single one of these people in a room, or tent, together again.  And once you're done taking it all in... well, it might be a nice time to grab the microphone and truly thank each and everyone of your guests for their love and support and most importantly, for being part of your day.  There's always time to share a little love even if it means we stray off track, for a few minutes, from the official timeline. :)

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