Tuesday Tips | Volume 5 | Your Vermont Wedding Planner

Greeting from Vermont! We are FINALLY out of the deep freeze. Today the sky is blue and it kind of feels like Spring, if you close your eyes and ignore the snow. Ahhh, life in Vermont! Last week we started a conversation about prioritizing your budget so it seems to me the logical next step to take is to talk about your guest list. Your list opens up a whole new can of worms so let's break it down. Today I will address the age old question...

Should We Invite Children To Our Wedding?

                                                        Photography by  Kelsey Regan Photography  at  Topnotch Resort

                                                        Photography by Kelsey Regan Photography at Topnotch Resort

Your guest list is always a delicate matter but whether or not to invite kids might be the hardest decision of all.  I have had couples agonize over this decision.  This decision is yours and yours alone.  I can't make it for you but I can give some advice around the decision.  Make the decision early and stick with it... no wavering.  If the answer is "Yes, we love children and want them to attend".  Great!  Let's talk about a kids table and maybe an activity or two to help when they get bored.  If the answer is "No way".  Again, Great.  That was easy.  If the answer is "We obviously want our flower and ring bearer who are 2 and 5 but no one else under the age of 12" well, this is where is gets a bit tricky.  Having perimeters around age and who is allowed to bring their children is a decision, it's just one that comes with some explaining. We can talk about how to work that conversation in early before there are any hard feelings. It might be best to just pick up the phone and speak directly with anyone who you feel might take issue with your decision.  I think feelings get hurt when guests 'hear it through the grapevine'.  Invitations are a great way to help clarify the guest list too.  When addressing the invitations we need to make sure it is crystal clear who is invited for the wedding festivities. We can also add a message on your save the dates and your wedding website. If your wedding is a destination wedding and you feel that your friends and family may not want to leave their children for an extended period of time you can consider offering a Nanny Service.  We have some great ones here in Vermont. 

At the end of the day, this is a decision for the couple. Talk it over early; stick with your decision; make everyone aware of the choice you make and the reasons behind it.  And lastly, be happy that this decision is behind you and you are officially one step closer to your wedding day.  If you want to chat more about your guest list and all of your wedding planning reach out by clicking the button below.