Tuesday Tips | Volume 8 | Your Vermont Wedding Planner

Greetings from Vermont!  The days are growing longer here, thankfully!  We are still right in the middle of Engagement Season.  I've been talking to so many newly engaged couples the last few weeks and the subject often turns to 'How can we clearly communicate the weekend agenda?' Well of course we can have one of our fab invitation designers help us with an adorable weekend booklet to be added to the invitation suite or a welcome bag but that doesn't come until closer to the wedding day.  So for now the best way to let them your guests know what is going on is to design a wedding website.  This is our Tuesday Tip for January 30th...  

Do you like the idea of a Wedding Website?

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I strongly suggest that you design a wedding website.  It really is easy once you get started.  There are so many sweet templates too.  I'm sure you will find one that truly reflects who you are as a couple.  Nowadays, there are a lot of places to make your wedding website such as The Knot, Minted or Joy but I think my favorite is Riley & Grey.  I realize that some of you may not want your details public thankfully most sites can be password protected.  So if a private site is important you be sure to look for this feature.  OK, so why have a site at all?  Well, it's an easy way to get all the pertinent information out to your guests months before the wedding.  You can add information on lodging, travel, registries, the dress code plus all of the wedding weekend activities.  You even will find a spot to share photos and your story, if you choose.  Another sweet feature that most sites offer is a place to share your wedding party attendants.  You can also add information to make your guests weekend more comfortable such as your favorite places to shop and dine or get an amazing cup of coffee.  And if you really, really like your guests we could add links to cool activities like great hiking spots, the best kayaking places, museums and cool local "must see" sites in the area of the wedding.  A lot of websites now offer ways to rsvp too and/or collect all the personal contact information needed for invitations.  If the thought of putting all your information out there on the web makes you shudder that's OK too.  Just make sure the save the dates go out early and are full of information to help your guests navigate their planning of your wedding weekend.  

Reach out today to tell me more about your wedding plans here in Vermont.  I would love to be on your team!