Tuesday Tips | Volume 7 | Your Vermont Wedding Planner

Happy Tuesday!  I can feel the 2018 wedding season getting closer and closer.  It's very similar to that feeling I get post-wedding season as we inch closer and closer to Christmas.  It's pure joy!  Todays tip is something that can easily be overlooked and I don't ever want that to happen.  So, let's get right to it...

Document the Small Details 

Some of my favorite shots from a wedding are the very small details, your accessories.  I love images of your rings, your necklace, your shoes, your ties or cuff links or maybe it's your veil and sash.  There's just something about a gorgeously lit image of the smallest details from your day that takes my breath away each and every time.  Jennifer Mardus Photography has a unique and beautiful way of capturing these images.  All the images above were shot by Jen this past summer.  No matter who your photographer is let's make sure these images are not missed.  I will gather all your accessories and put them in a special place on wedding day so the photographer can swoop in while you're busy and capture amazing shots like these.  Vermont is blessed with some of the most amazing photographers, they all have unique and special qualities.  Let's talk about who would be a good fit for your wedding.  I can't wait to see all of the images from your wedding day and know that I'll be on the look out for those gorgeous small detail shots.